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Mission Statement

To keep the legacy of jazz alive and maintain the tradition of America's classical art form. We are dedicated to preserving this unique music culture and to encourage an awareness of music history, music appreciation and understanding; and music creation. Our programs and workshops are available to a wide variety of audiences with high quality performances and excellence by taking this art form “JAZZ” to new vista's.

The focus of Mo-Jazz is to broaden the perspective of the music lover and to have a lifelong love and appreciation for jazz music interpretations. Mo-Jazz is dedicated to custom tailoring music programs: concerts, lectures/demos, jazz festivals, clubs, shows, birthdays, receptions, weddings,/anniversaries, cruises, hospitals, nursing homes and music workshops.c

Specific areas of interest: to provide performance opportunities to musicians/artist's and to assist with booking venues, music contacts and networking resources.

Goals: To provide recording opportunities to musicians and or vocalist's to record. To observe different aspects of the technical end of a recording studio with the ultimate goal of sale and distributing CD's (Compact Disks) in the open market place. To encourage musicians to promote music through performances, workshops, and private one-on-one instruction.